Squarelabs are pleased to welcome Dr. Yazid Arezki (Ph.D Statistical Modelling) who has joined the Squarelabs Team.

Yaz has over 25 years experience in business analysis and software development, including applications in mathematical modelling, traffic simulation and financial services. Previous positions have included programming, analysis and design, data modelling, as well as team leading and project management.

Yaz has also presented at many events and conferences. In addition he has developed and delivered tutorial seminars on software packages and given courses on XML and Modeling Windows DNA-based applications with Rational Rose.

Education and Core Skills:

CQF, Quantitative Finance
Module 1: Basic Building Blocks of Finance Theory and Practice
Module 2: Risk and Return
Module 3: Equity, Currency and Commodity Derivatives
Module 4: Interest Rates and Products
Module 5: Credit Products and Risk
Module 6: Projects : Credit Default Swaps and Heath-Jarrow-Morton

PhD: Statistical Modelling.
MSc: Operational Research.
BSc: Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research.